Shipping Information


The delivery time of products can vary according to the region of delivery, availability of the product in stock and form of payment. The calculation of the freight and delivery time can be simulated after adding the products of interest in the shopping cart and clicking CALCULATE VALUE OF THE FREIGHT AND THE DELIVERY TIME.
Then you must inform the zip code that the system will automatically inform the estimated delivery time and the freight amount. If you prefer, you can also access the field accompanying your request, after logging in and password on the site. Pay attention to our free shipping deals because in these cases, the simulation will not consider the freight amount for these items in the cart.
Attention: Under any circumstance, the deadline becomes valid after the order is shipped by the carrier.
Our deliveries are carried out between 8 and 18 hours, from Monday to Saturday, throughout the national territory, by contracted carriers or by the Post Office.


- Be aware of the description and technical specifications of the product (color, size, etc.);
- Always keep the Invoice received at the time of delivery (it is the guarantee of your product);
- Keep in good condition the original packaging of the product, manuals, items and accessories that accompany your product, in case of exchange or return, these items will be inspected;
- Always check the items of the order at the time of delivery and the invoice. Never accept a product with a broken seal;
- If there is a problem (broken seal, breakdown, absence of any item or divergence between note and contents), refuse delivery and do not sign the left-hander. Enter the reason for the refusal on the back of the invoice and the proof of delivery and contact ByYosh immediately;
- It is necessary to have someone to receive your delivery, if not you, inform the responsible person how to proceed;
- After the positive conference, there must be the signature in extenso of the person responsible for the receipt and number of GR in the southpaw of the note.


To know the status of your purchase order (if it has already been approved) or delivery, you can access the Track your order field within your profile after logging in. Just click on the order number to see the detail of your purchase.
You will also receive by e-mail all major delivery status so that you can schedule your receipt.
Attention: It is not possible to change any data of the delivery address after making your order, due to the calculation of the freight and the variation in the tax rate involved in the transaction.


Before contacting our SAC, check all possibilities described below:
- Delivery date: You can review whenever you want the deadline for delivery by clicking here after you have logged in.
- Address details: Confirm the information given to the delivery address by clicking here after you have logged in.
- Payment: Also check if your order has been approved and if your payment has already been confirmed by the financial institution (bank or card operator), clicking here after you have logged in.
For payments made by credit card, the deadline for delivery must be considered from the shipment of the product by the carrier, which will occur only after approval of the order and confirmation of payment. If there is a delay in this process, the delivery period should be reviewed proportionally, taking into consideration the time of approval.
For payments made by bank bill, the request is released for billing upon confirmation of payment by the financial institution, which can be done within 3 (working days) from the date of payment, as long as within the banks' opening hours.
- Absence of a recipient: Check the status of your order if we have already made an attempt to deliver. It is important to emphasize that it is indispensable the presence of a person to confer the products, receipt and signature in full with RG in the southpaw of the note. Our carriers make up to three (3) delivery attempts at the given address and are directed to leave a notice in the event of a recipient's absence. If delivery is not performed, your product will return to our Distribution Center and you will be notified, at the risk of having the order canceled. Remember that you will be informed in the email registered in your profile. Therefore, if you can not personally receive your purchase, leave a responsible person on this date and instruct you in how to proceed. If you live in a building or condominium, notify the doorman and also see if the person responsible for the receipt did not refuse delivery.
- Other factors: a delivery may be delayed by several factors such as the ones mentioned above, such as delay in the release of the request by the credit card company, delay in confirming payment by the financial institution, divergence in the cadastral data provided and analyzed , absence at the place of delivery and refusal to receive by third parties, natural phenomena and non-controllable external factors, among others. We at ByYosh have a team of highly trained professionals to educate our clients whenever necessary. If you have any questions, please contact our SAC at (71) 8874-8907 or by e-mail


In order to fulfill all your expectations and satisfy you, all our goods are carefully labeled and transported in specially prepared packages, avoiding any damage.


The Electronic Invoice is a digital document, with legal validity recognized through the digital signature of the sender, issued and stored electronically by the Ministry of Finance, which serves to document, for tax purposes, a movement of goods or services.
Danfe, Auxiliary Document of the Electronic Invoice, is the printed version of the Electronic Invoice, that is, the one that accompanies your product. It does not replace the Electronic Invoice but contains the access key for it.
To access this document, enter the website of the Ministry of Finance, click Queries, in the top menu, and in the sequence, in Electronic Invoice.